Canned heat. As if what has its own overflowing and burning life could be trapped into a can. Either an adulterated low quality alcohol or a voice yelling for help, an SOS shout trying to get rid of a slavery life experience a experience, an extreme and depressive poverty condition. That’s the voice through the tin can that wants to get free here, creating scenic sound spaces and recovering melodies that were never gone, they’re the origin of contemporary popular music.

Canned heat is a musical performance. Talks about margination, racism, gender, and other current social issues through the american black music history and Afroamerican musicians and composers life experiences. Carefully selected songs; from Alan Lomax recordings, to Mahalia Jackson, BB King or Tina Turner. Work songs, black spirituals and blues are the basis of all contemporary music, seen with an actual perspective. A review from a historic and respectful perspective, where traditional music and technology shake hands to create a new vision, something fresh and new, something different.