VickyLeaks is a vocal experimentation project where different styles merge into an amalgam of sounds that generate an emotional, sensory and hypnotic environment. Created by Victoria Trillo, where she meets an aesthetic, expressive and communicative need of the artist with herself and the public.

Music as ephemeral art has lost much of its spontaneity and become a cage for the singe, corseted in closed songs beforehand with specific melodies in a concerted and determined way. The live show is a mere repetition with slight variations, not a continuous and organic flow.

Through this project, in which the singer is alone on stage facing the audience, seeks sincere and open to experimentation. The live show is something that is built at the time, starting with a small serving of ground guides for improvisation and expression in its purest and immediate state.

In this environment takes the opportunity to express feelings and visions of the world around her, with the intention of giving a set and a meaning to the whole show, midway between monologue and performance. Involving the public and shedding her worries and interests.