The most experimental and essential from VickyLeaks, its origin. Where music flows in the most rough way combined with interactive technologies that allow organic experimentation, turning technology into another unpredictable and unrepeatable element that transforms every performance into an opened and exclusive experience. 

Pieces where digital is a canvas to expression of the most authentic and performer character of VickyLeaks. Where music expresses only through melody, in an hypnotic and cathartic ambient, creating a deeper and forehanded connection with the audience, with no conditioning. 

Deconstructing the vocal music topic to transmit pure emotion and expression.

This pieces are built with generative visual projections that involve e-textile with sensors that collect information
from the performer body and the sound stimuli to create the visuals and music in real time.

A interactive corset that sends information to a computer that processes and turn the stimuli into visuals, turning into a creation device. The information used will be from the pulse, movement and sound of the performer.