El Silencio

Imagine a place in shades where you can breath silence and hear the beat of your heart. A purifying cathartic silence and darkness that connects with collective conscience. Imagine that place and melt inside, flow through this magic ritual in a unique moment of total communion.


For many christian traditions the Holly Week is where they recall individual penitence and suffering. In Spain, this week’s climax is represented through a procession where silence and darkness reigns. Some penitents harm their baked torsos or walk dragging chains. A respectful silence beside death, a solemn amble through the streets only interrupted by the sound of an only-one drum emphasizing the loneliness of death, that makes collective it’s presence, corporeity and universality, opening all senses and individual and collective conscience.

The Silence is a performance that tries to deconstruct and reconstruct this event, connecting with that cathartic collective spirit and conscience. Removing the religious will leave the essence, and replacing some elements to release others that connect with local community evoking simplicity and solemnity. Using elements to connect with collective subconscious, will give support for the performance recreation and composition that will at least search the creation of recurrent soundscapes, creating a trip in half way to sound art, traditional music and improvisation.